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      Dental Visit Checklist

      Have you ever gone to the dentist with some questions in mind? But, when you walk out you realize you’ve completely forgotten to ask the questions you wanted to ask! We’ve all done it unfortunately. Asking questions about your oral health is best done with a professional, not on the internet. Putting together a checklist before your next office visit can help you remember everything you needed to ask! Communication between you and your dentist is essential for keeping your oral hygiene at its best. Extra communication can help relieve any anxiety you may feel when you do have a dentist appointment! Here are a few questions to think about putting on your next dental visit checklist!

      1. How can I improve my dental hygiene at home? Your oral health can have an effect on your entire, overall health. Even if you think you’re doing a decent job on a daily basis, asking for suggestions may reveal something you are missing.
      2. Is it bad if my gums bleed when I brush my teeth? Bleeding gums can be an early sign of gum disease. Letting it go without being cared for can cause bigger dental problems that need painful treatment.
      3. What can I do if my teeth are discolored? No matter how much you brush your teeth, some beverages like coffee and wine will stain your teeth. Your dentist can discuss some fast and painless whitening options with you!