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      Are you new to Orange County? Are you looking for a dentist that is professional, caring, and that treats the whole family? You have come to the right place! Moving to a new area is not easy, and finding a dentist you are comfortable with can be hard. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need before you visit. We know you have a busy schedule and we want you to be well informed! After your first visit with Dr. David Harris, you won’t want to go anywhere else! Dr. Harris’ office is the Orange County best dentist!

      We specialize in all categories of oral health and cosmetic dentistry. We also strongly believe in educating and informing our patients on proper daily care and prevention of tooth and gum disease. The best treatment for such conditions is preventing them from progressing! With our friendly, family oriented atmosphere, you will feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit. Dentist visits can often be nerve racking. But our caring staff is easy to talk to and will listen to any concerns you might have!

      With one look at our reviews, we are confident that you won’t find a better qualified dentist in your area. Our office strikes a perfect balance of professionalism and warmth that you will love. Our patients make our practice possible, so we treat you like part of the family. Call us today to make an appointment! We can wait to meet you!