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      Mission Viejo Family Danist

      Are you looking for a family dentist? Having a dentist you can take kids of all ages and adult can make your life so much easier! Our staff members are experts putting children (and adults) at ease and relaxed for their dental visit. We know that dental visits can cause anxiety for the patients and stress for the parents.

      We pride ourselves in providing excellent patient care and educating our patients in proper care and prevention. We’ll help you understand how to care for all the following areas:

      • How to Brush Your Teeth
      • How to Floss Your Teeth
      • Dental Health and Your Diet
      • Bad Breath
      • Electric vs. Manual Brushes
      • Decay Prevention
      • Post-Op Questions
      • Smile Gallery

      Patients are the most important people in the world when they enter our office. Patients are not dependent upon us, we are dependent upon them. We treat all our patients as though they were family. We rarely have to refer a patient to a specialist as Dr. Harris is highly trained in all fields of general dentistry. Call us to make an appointment!