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      About Us

      At Dr. Harris’s office our goal is to provide state of the art dentistry in warm and caring environment. At your appointment you can expect care using the most current dental techniques. You will receive a through explanation of our diagnostic findings and then a personalized consultation to discuss any necessary treatment.

      Patients are the most important people in the world when they enter our office. Patients are not dependent upon us, we are dependent upon them. We treat all our patients as though they were family. We rarely have to refer a patient to a specialist as Dr. Harris is highly trained in all fields of general dentistry. He has many years of experience with dental implants, oral surgery, periodontal disease, cosmetics, endodontics, and we have the latest velscope technology to screen for oral cancer.

      We are committed to providing the best dental care and we will work with you to schedule necessary appointments and make appropriate financial arrangements. Our goal is to help you have a beautiful smile. We want you to be healthy, happy and look great with no anxiety or pain.